After the guns have fallen silent, and the din of battle quietened, the real fight begins.
HRH Prince Harry


Latest News!

(Photos on left)We have just completed our second ski event in Klosters. We took 19 Veterans with us and had the most amazing time. During the week we saw huge changes in most of our Veterans. We know we have started the process in changing some lives and we are so humbled in being able to achieve this for these brave people, who have been injured whilst serving in the armed forces.


All our ski buddies have fundraised for their place on our next trip. They have hosted pub quizzes, cycled from Hedley Court to Klosters and taken part in the Nightrider cycle ride amongst many other things. If you’d like to fundraise for us, please get in touch.

Our purpose

We provide the challenge of skiing after injury, the mentoring , then find job opportunities so that our wounded veterans can:

Recover their confidence
Re enter employment
Regain their lives.

Support us!

We don’t only need money, we need your influence too. Our main aim is to find our veterans the jobs that they want, back in ‘civvy street’ So if you are interested in offering employment to our veterans, please get in touch with our Job Mentoring Team

What they say

    • A week of giving a lot, but taking more. I’ve had my mind and eyes opened and a whole heap of inspiration poured in. (Volunteer)
    • Words will never be enough to express how much this has meant to me, the love support care and friendship will stay with me forever. You have given me a reason to go on and enjoy life. (Veteran)
    • Being around people that share my humour and darkness again just lets me know that I am not alone and not forgotten, thank you all xx (Veteran)
    • my health, fitness and mind have all improved ten fold due to this trip. I have achieved more here in the last week than I have in the last two years (Veteran)

What we did….

Our ski week in March was a lot of fun, if you’d like to see what we got up to, we have more information on our facebook page