After the guns have fallen silent, and the din of battle quietened, the real fight begins. HRH Prince Harry of Wales

Our Purpose

We provide the challenge of skiing after injury, the mentoring , then find job opportunities so that our wounded veterans can:

  • Recover their confidence

which enables them to

  • Re enter employment

and then to

  • Regain their lives.

Watch our video, where our Veterans tell you what we do


Our next big event is our Business Challenge.
A ski marathon and race. If you’d like to join in, all you need to do is make up a team of 4 skiers, preferably very good and or very competitive, and raise 10,000GBP. Interested? Get in touch? Its in Klosters, in January, Can you imagine a better way to beat the January Blues?

Latest News

Skiing with Heroes Business Challenge 2015

Is being launched in July 2014. We are inviting businesses, Banks, HedgeFunds, Technology companies etc to take part in a ski marathon and race, to raise money so that our charity can continue with, and enlarge their employment mentoring programme. We are also raising funds to set up a Pain Management Clinic for wounded Veterans. Incorrect pain management is one of the biggest bars to successful employment.

Support us!

We don’t only need money, we need your influence too. Our main aim is to find our veterans the jobs that they want, back in ‘civvy street’ So if you are interested in offering employment to our veterans, please get in touch with our Job Mentoring Team

What they say

  • A week of giving a lot, but taking more. I’ve had my mind and eyes opened and a whole heap of inspiration poured in. (Volunteer)
  • Words will never be enough to express how much this has meant to me, the love support care and friendship will stay with me forever. You have given me a reason to go on and enjoy life. (Veteran)
  • Being around people that share my humour and darkness again just lets me know that I am not alone and not forgotten, thank you all xx (Veteran)
  • my health, fitness and mind have all improved ten fold due to this trip. I have achieved more here in the last week than I have in the last two years (Veteran)

This is why we do it

In March this Veteran, who was struggling with PTSD came skiing with us. In the previous year he had struggled with joining in everyday activities.  On his return we gave him a mentor. This is his letter to us…

Hi all, Just a quick update as 3 months have nearly passed. Things I’ve done over this quarter.
– Guitar Building Course

– Archery Instructor Course

– Working on my fitness

– Joined a Cricket Team

– Trying out for the Invictus Games in Archery

– Joined up with CSDST (Combined Service Disabled Ski Team) Via Sally

– Sailing/racing for a week in June with a PTSD charity called Turn to Starboard with a goal to
circumnavigate the UK with a WIS team in 2014.
– Put my name down to do some sailing qualifications starting with the Day Skipper Course

– Doing my Level 3 fitness instructor and personaltrainer course July 2014

– Found a new Solicitor to act on my behalf with regards to AFCS and the RTA’s

– And finally, I have managed to get my Med’s intake down by 85% so I am back in touch with the world now and nearly living the dream again. Thanks for the heads up Scotty managed to quit thePregabalin.

This all come about from my week away skiing and socializing with you. Thank you so much for the opportunity to come out with you. You have changed my life! THANK YOU xxx